About OcuPrep™

Our Team

Dr. Rashad Richey, Dean

Dr. Rashad Richey is our Dean of  OcuPrep Medical Institution. 

Mr. Eric Thigpen, Chairman

Dr.Eric Thigpen is our Chairman of the Board for OcuPrep Medical Institution. 

Mrs. Louise Radloff, VC

Mrs. Louise Radloff is our Vice Chairman of the Board for OcuPrep Medical Institution. 

Mr. Stan Hall, VP

Mr. Stan Hall is our Vice President of the Board for OcuPrep Medical Institution. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

It’s the mission of OcuPrep™ Staffing & Training Solutions Executive Team to provide the best-prepared students with professionalism and training possible. We strive to prepare the next generation of Ophthalmic and Audiology Allied professionals in the field, We seek to match employers with the most competent staff available in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision for each student at OcuPrep Staffing & Training Solutions is to put before the student the best and the brightest in the area of professions desired to achieve. We endeavour to not only give them the information but more important them dispensing information. We want each student to feel empowered with knowledge and the skills to match. It’s our goal to help establish each student with gainful employment and great compensation to enjoy a fruitful and successful life.

Quality Staffing

OcuPrep™ offers search/recruitment, upgrade, and job placement services (online and in-person) to job seekers looking for the next great fit and businesses looking for quality candidates.
For employers, our focus is to provide unparalleled high-quality service in staffing solutions. All of our candidates are recruited with the utmost care and where needed, placed in an additional training program to equip them to improve their competence level to enhance the quality of performance.
For potential employees, our goal is to provide high quality training so that they are able to maximize their career opportunities and earning potential. This is possible through our database of outstanding employers with whom we have developed excellent relationships. We will also provide candidates with skill upgrades when necessary.

Advanced Training

OcuPrep™ offers training and certificate programs for entry-level eye care and ear care positions. Graduates who demonstrate competence and understanding in basic eye or ear care will be equipped with foundational knowledge for enhanced employability within 90 days.

OcuPrep™ will provide continuing education opportunities for each student through the online platform. The continuing education resources are designed to supplement their overall learning experience in their new role once employment has been established.

While we cannot guarantee employment, our mission is for graduates to be well prepared to pursue a role in an ophthalmic or audiology practice.

The OcuPrep™ curriculum was developed in collaboration with seasoned professionals from across the United States.